Smart Chemistry Park®


Smart Chemistry Park is an innovation platform for bioeconomy and circular economy. It is also a cluster for pop-ups and small and medium-sized businesses operating in the fields of chemistry and technology. Situated in the industrial area of Raisio, the business park is a unique concept combining businesses and university R&D work into new products and services. The people who have become established at the park work independently, developing their technologies and business operations. However, this activity is based on close cooperation and the utilisation of the value added created thereby. Smart Chemistry Park offers premises for laboratories, piloting and offices. Network members become involved in an expansive network of cooperation among universities, businesses and the public sector, universities and businesses, supporting development and growth.

The core competence of the Smart Chemistry Park businesses includes chemistry and its various sectors. Through their special competence, these businesses offer products and technological competence to the greater industrial sector: for example, to the metal, energy, paper, packaging, construction and life science industries. Smart Chemistry Park also includes consulting businesses with competence complementing the value chain with services, such as chemical safety and intellectual property rights.

Through the “Smart Research” action model, Smart Chemistry Park offers technology businesses opportunities to engage in cooperation with universities.  The Topinpuisto businesses have the opportunity of utilising our service as well. Please contact us if you need university competence to support product development!

Contact information:

Linda Fröberg-Niemi