Lounavoima has a waste-to-energy plant built in Korvenmäki, Salo. Starting at the beginning of 2021, the plant produces local energy from non-recycable waste that is suitable for incineration. The company is owned by Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto (LSJH) and Salon Kaukolämpö.

The waste-to-energy plant uses modern grate technology, which will also meet the strict emission requirements of the future. The plant replaces fossil fuels in the field of district heat production, whereupon greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced. The greenhouse gas emissions of waste transport will be reduced as well.

The waste-to-energy plant plays a central part in the materialisation of circular economy in Southwest Finland. Utilising non-recyclable waste as local energy at a local waste-to-energy plant will reduce the waste management fees of the residents. The savings gained can be used to increase recycling.

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Petri Onikki