Stena Recycling Oy


Stena Recycling Oy is a recycling company and part of the international Stena Metall group. In Finland, the company operates in more than 20 locations around the country and recycles almost 500,000 tons of material per year. Stena Recycling offers waste management and recycling services, and collects and recycles, among other things, metals, electrical and electronic waste, hazardous waste, paper, cardboard, plastics and scrap cars. Recycled materials are delivered as new raw materials all over the world.

The company’s Kaivoasema service unit located in Turku receives and processes sludge from sand separation wells, grease separation wells, oil separation wells and rainwater wells from the Varsinais-Suomi area. Waste accumulated in wells from, for example, car repair shops, restaurants and industrial plants is brought to Kaivoasema.

Contact information:

Seppo Jortikka