Gasum is a Finnish natural/bio gas producer and expert that is aiming for sustainable and carbon neutral energy production.

At Topinpuisto, Kaivoasema specializes in handling waste from sand,- oil- and grease separator traps.

Kuntec's station utilizes dead plant matter such as leaves and twigs collected from public parks in Turku to produce high quality soil and woodchips.

Ekopartnerit Turku directs waste from the commercial and industrial sectors towards recycling instead of landfills.

Kuusakoski is Northern Europe's leader in industrial recycling services.

Turku Science Park provides consulting and a wide variety of support for businesses in Turku.

Smart Chemistry Park is a networking platform and an enabler for many small businesses and start-ups in the fields of technology and chemistry.

Turku university of applied sciences is a community of 10 000 current and future experts- an innovative higher education institute and developer of welfare and technology.

Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto aims to develop the reuse and recycling of materials, identify new material flows and support the development of new circular economy services and products.

Kiertomaa's mission is to develop ways of recycling and reusing soil in the Turku region.

Molok is a pioneer in waste management and recycling, whose products are used in over 40 countries. Molok's business model focuses on modern and carbon neutral solutions.

HubTurku is an innovative space for students, entrepreneurs and start-ups to co-operate, build networks and share ideas.

The city of Turku is a Finnish growth center and hub for higher education. Turku aims to become a carbon neutral region by 2040, and the Topinpuisto circular economy hub is a major part of this strategy.

Bastu is an enabler for businesses and entrepreneurs, providing innovative solutions in accordance with the ideologies of sixth wave economics and circular economy.

The Regional Council of Southwest Finland along with Valonia, its service center for sustainable development in the region, aim to build a carbon neutral, circular economy- oriented Southwestern Finland.