6Aika: Circhubs

Schedule:       5/2017 – 9/2019

Program:        6Aika- strategy for six biggest cities in Finland

Partners:        Tampere Oy. Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Kiertokaari, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY, Finnish Environment Institute, Ekokumppanit and the University of Tampere.

Content: 6Aika: The future circular economy hubs in Finland (CircHubs) project started in May 2017 and it is being coordinated by Business Tampere. The project’s goal is to find new business activities and business models in the circular economy as well as new partnerships and a new kind of collaboration in the six largest metropolitan areas. An additional goal is to support the commercialisation of innovations, which are related to circular economy.

The circular economy hubs of the 6Aika-cities act as pilot platforms for the project. In the project, a network of circular economy hubs with an efficient and open flow of information is being built. At the same time, the strengths of different areas are supported and the circular economy teamwork between cities is deepened. With the help of cooperation and openness, overlapping projects and development work are avoided and the synergies between various areas can be utilised better.

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