Circular economy sparring:

Topinpuisto helps businesses and organisations find their way in circular economy business operations. The purpose of the sparring service is to develop circular economy innovations and services. The sparring service targets businesses and communities that are seeking new initiatives or wanting to develop existing circular economy ideas. The goal is to promote the refinement of a product or a service idea based on circular economy.

Added value gained with circular economy

The service helps business operations based on circular economy.

  • Products as services
  • Sustainable value chains and materials
  • Shared virtual or intangible platforms
  • Extension of the product life cycle
  • Recovery and recycling of materials and products

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Example cases of the circular economy sparring service

Ramirent: Less emissions at construction sites through forward-looking planning

Ramirent is a Finnish company focusing on machine rentals. It was founded in 1955. Ramirent business operations involve renting and distributing its equipment to customer businesses.

The sparring service development target we selected was to develop a service for resource-efficient construction sites. Developing this service was based on visualising and calculating the construction site costs.

Construction sites need more data and a greater understanding about resource efficiency and the equipment utilisation rate. Utilising digital channels helps the customers develop their business operations. Engineering can use data analytics to design new sites. Managing with information allows decision making at various business levels.

Pumpa Design: High-quality products from end-of-life textiles

Recycled textile products designed and manufactured by Pumpa Design Oy are sold by online shops and retailers. The products are practical and high quality ecoluxury.

The sparring service case selected was to develop the business marketing message. Communication material was developed to support and facilitate the customer’s decision of buying and to provide assistance throughout the purchasing process.

The sparring service brought Pumpa Design business operations and marketing into better focus. Successful workshops and discussions created trust and faith in the products of the business.

Ekopartnerit Turku: Insulation wool recycling is a challenge

Ekopartnerit Turku operates in the Turku economic area, channelling waste from business operations to recovery and minimising final waste disposal. The business challenge is to find channels for utilising difficult waste streams.

The sparring service case selected was the promotion of insulation wool recycling. Finding recycling channels demands persevering development. Source separation reform is one of the objectives.

WALK IN GLOW OUT (W.I.G.O): suit rental is moving forward

Suit rental business W.I.G.O specialises in men’s wear. The business operates as a network involving two entrepreneurs. Its business goal is to grow the customer base.

The sparring service development target we selected was a service where customers can order clothing, a suit and attire, directly to their travel destination or event location.

The sparring service clarified the development potential of the basic operations and broadened the understanding of the industry’s growth potential.